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The BOXCAR Story


With BOXCAR events, you're not simply hiring a service, but an all-out experience. Each of our baristas has been in the industry for a minimum of 5 years and what's more, they will provide you and your guests with an interactive and joyful experience! Dressed in clothing inspired by the 1920s speakeasy era, everything from the look to the personality of those serving you is what elevates an event into something truly spectacular.


Whether you book one of our coffee carts or our antique Citroën coffee truck, we will provide a statesman expression of refinement and nostalgia for you and your guests.

Bride and groom walking and smiling.


Kevin and Stephanie have a sincere passion for all things that bring about an air of nostalgia, creating a vessel through their brand in order to transport people to a place of memories, comfort, and joy.


Through their love for coffee and watching the way events bring people together for over 20 years, they pride themselves in providing you with an unforgettable experience along with an outstanding product.


It is our pleasure to serve you!


This little boy has a story and we’d like to share the heart behind some of our branding. We’ve always been aesthetically inspired by the nostalgia of train travel and more specifically, the beautiful boxcar wood that constructed much of the train carts. These elements have generated the look of our booths and the aesthetics of the Citroën coffee truck. Through our own research and interest in this particular era of train travel, we discovered the story of the Orphan Trains.

From the mid-1800s until the early 1900s, abandoned and orphaned children were sent from coastal cities to the American midwest in an effort to place them in homes that could offer a more stable environment. This touched our hearts and we knew that with our brand, we needed to incorporate awareness for displaced children in today's society.

When you book with Boxcar Junction, a portion of all event proceeds will go to local adoption houses and foster care programs.


Our story isn’t just our own, but one inspired by the past that we will use to better the future for today's children.

Smiling boy awith his dog from the 1920s.
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