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Exclusive Services

Our top priority is making sure your event is seamless. As such we have provided this FAQ with requirements that were carefully crafted to make sure every event is nothing short of perfection.


Please reference this information when considering placement and logistics for your event. Do not hesitate to reach out with additional questions. 

Access to Power

BX Coffee Carts: 20AMPS per machine is required. For events that require two or more espresso machines, it is commonplace to expect a power drop in order to ensure there are no power issues which will, in turn, slow down service. If it is recommended to drop power and the client refuses, we waive responsibility for any power issues as our recommendations come from experience and best practices in order to protect our equipment and ensure your event is seamless. Espresso machines and grinders plug into normal outlets and we will supply the extension cords.

BX Coffee Truck: Electricity is necessary to power the truck which includes internal and external lighting, refrigeration, and beverage service machines. If electricity is not readily available we do have generators available for rent.


Cart + Coffee Truck Placement

BX Coffee Carts: When possible, we ask that you designate a 5x5 to 8x5 space, depending on the size of the cart chosen, so the barista(s) can work efficiently. We require flat surfaces and/or ramp availability when utilizing the carts. More than one step, gravel, and grass should be avoided. When considering placement, please note that the espresso machines and grinders do make noise, so in order to avoid a break in service for speeches or toasts, you might consider placing us in a foyer or other space. Lastly, we must be placed near a dedicated outlet, preferably not sharing power with any other vendor, to ensure power is reserved for the espresso machine and grinder.

BX Coffee Truck: We utilize 15-ft long-bed trucks that tow our 15-ft flat-bed trailer which the Citroën coffee truck travels on to protect its antiquity. The delivery space needs to accommodate the above 30-ft dimensions for easy delivery service. We will drive the Citroën off the flatbed into the preferred placement position. Keep in mind we can not have any other vehicles or vendors blocking access to the coffee truck. Actual Citroën dimensions are: 14ft long x 7ft wide and 6ft tall standing height. 


Inclement Weather

BX Coffee Carts: For events taking place outdoors, it is the client's responsibility to have a secondary plan for indoor placement in the case of inclement weather. Our equipment is electrical and thus can not be exposed to the elements.

BX Coffee Truck: In the case of inclement weather you will be able to sub out the Citroën rental for one of our coffee carts and we will gladly provide the same exceptional service indoors.



Signage: All events include signature drinks, His and Her drinks, and the option to choose up to (6) custom AJ Bourbons Syrups. Menu board included.

Logos/Monograms: We provide custom coffee cups or coffee sleeves for all events at an additional charge. We recommend submitting your logo files no later than (4) weeks prior to your event to allow for ample review time, revision requests, and production time.   


Cocktails and Cordials

Per TABC (Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission) mobile bars are currently unable to obtain a liquor license. However, the client can purchase their spirits and one of our TABC certified staff will serve your selections. All of our servers are additionally Food Handlers certified.

Two baristas preparing coffee from a citroen coffee truck.
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